Welcome to The Hog Penny Pub

Featuring great cuts of beef, genuine Indian curries and to die for hearty pub style comfort food...the Hog Penny has and continues to be a favourite spot in Bermuda for generations of locals and visitors alike.
About Us
Hog Penny is Hamilton's oldest licensed establishment having been in business since 1957. It's the original inspiration for the Cheers pub in Boston.
The Food Network
The Hog Penny was formerly a bicycle shop selling Penny Farthing bicycles before being converted to a meat slaughterhouse selling huge blocks of ice that had been shipped in from North America during the winter. When it first opened as the Hog Penny, during the late stages of segregation, shockingly, it had a divider down the middle of it to separate the races. Soon though, equality prevailed and the middle divider was removed. The Hog Penny was cobbled together from old Watney's pubs in England that were being withdrawn and many of the mirrors, benches and sheep shearing tools you see on the shelves date back to the early 1900s.
Pub Scout
We were recently reviewed by The Pub Scout. Here's what he had to say. "The Hog Penny qualifies as not only a good pub, but a great one. You can get quality beer and food, become immersed in the unique ambience of Bermuda's oldest licensed pub and enjoy the bric-a-brac lining the walls from its storied past. If you're a true pub lover and you're ever in Bermuda, don't miss it."

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